Thursday, August 23, 2012

New York Times Book Review

The NYTBR gave "Bad Apple" a nice review:

For a snack they can have Mac the Apple. Just kidding; that would be mean. Mac, you see, is a “good apple,” as Edward Hemingway notes in his provocatively titled “Bad Apple: A Tale of Friendship.” What drives Mac to the alleged dark side? The answer is Will, a worm who takes residence in Mac’s head. Ignoring hygienic and parasitical issues, the two become instant best friends — playing in the dirt, flying kites, bobbing in a lake. But the rest of the orchard is appalled. “Look at Mac!” the other apples shout. “He’s got worms! Mac’s a rotten apple!”

 Social norms force Mac and Will apart; surprisingly effective, fruit-related pathos ensues before the two friends decide to buck convention and like whom they like. Who cares what anyone thinks? You and I have heard this story before, though not all children have, and some could use hearing it again. Hemingway — Ernest’s grandson — works charming enough variations on the formula to please even the most jaded of adult readers, or at least me, and his cheerfully innocent illustrations are affecting.

For the full text, go here.

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