Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Ed Guest Blog on NY Metro Parents: Bully & Bad Apple


Recently, while touring schools in the Midwest with my children’s book, “Bad Apple: A Tale of Friendship”, I was asked a great question by a rather serious first grader.

“Mr. Hemingway, were you ever bullied?” she wondered.

What’s so great about that question, you ask? And what self-respecting children’s book author can honestly answer such a question in front of 200 kids without revealing he’s a total dork deep down inside?

And wait a second, do I look like someone who was bullied as a kid?
The answer to that last question is, of course I look like someone who was bullied as a kid, because just about everyone has been bullied at some point in their childhood-No matter how tall and arguably charming they grow up to be. (And yes, 6 feet is still considered tall.)
Bad Apple: A Tale of FriendshipAnd getting back to my original point, the first grader’s question is a great one because a first grader chose to ask it at all.

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