Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Facelift for

We see that has been given a bit of a facelift: new background color and a new header, which we rather like:

Also title bars for the books:


Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Mouse Chef from Tiny Pie

Another teaser from the upcoming Tiny Pie:

Just as delightful as the others!

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Nice Bad Apple Mention in The School Library Journal

Here is the part about Bad Apple:

I think we have plenty of mismatched friend picture books out there but I’ll admit that I sometimes have a problem with titles where a predator is best friends with their food source.  It always makes me think of thatFashion Kitty moment where FK mentions that her cat family has a pet mouse, which would be the human equivalent of have a chocolate cake as a pet. “I love you, but I wish I could eat you.”  That’s part of the reason why I was so pleased to see Bad Apple: A Tale of Friendship by Edward Hemingway.  It’s a mismatched friend tale, sure, but not in a predator/prey way . . . or is it?  The story concentrates on Mac (smart name) an apple who befriends Will, the worm in his head.  Unfortunately apples with worms don’t make for the most popular fruits, and Mac is quickly shunned as “rotten”.  It’s cute.  Sort of a metaphor, I suppose.  Worth checking out.

You can check out the entire post here.