Thursday, July 3, 2008

More PR for Bump Signing

Here is yet another PR piece on Ed's upcoming Bump signing in the lovely Florida keys: lucky Ed!

Key West's 2008 Hemingway Days celebration is to begin not with a bang, but with a bump — when writer and artist Edward Hemingway introduces his engaging children's picture book, "Bump in the Night."

The youngest grandson of American literary legend Ernest Hemingway, Edward Hemingway is to debut and sign the book during a 5:30-7 p.m. reception Tuesday, July 15, at Key West's landmark Blue Heaven restaurant and bar, 729 Thomas St. The location is particularly meaningful because it's the site of a onetime boxing ring where Ernest Hemingway refereed neighborhood matches when he lived in the island city in the 1930s.

"I'm really excited to be coming to Key West to showcase the book, and it seems very appropriate," said Edward Hemingway, son of Ernest's youngest son Gregory. "My father spent a great deal of his childhood in the Keys and so did I — so what better place for me to launch my first children's book?"


NavyWife said...

My daughter & I went to the book signing tonight. And tonight I read the book to her before she went to bed...she really liked the monster with the nose that looked like a blue carrot. Thanks so much for coming to Key West...I'm sure you made the day of many young minds!

ccruznut712 said...

I had the pleasure to meet Edward and also got the book for my grandson. When i had arrived at Blue Heaven, they had sold out, but Edward gave me his cell # and told me to call him because they were expecting more to come by Friday. I called him and he told me the books were on the way and would call me when he got them.. Well, he called me and i met him again on Friday and got my book. I was so happy to get the book, because i was leaving for home in Tennessee the next day. The illustrations are just wonderful and the children will love it.......

SMOKIN JOE said...

Hey Ed, I want to buy your book, I have a five year old son who loves having stories read to him. Please let me know how I can pay you for it. My email is